Fraser Island Barges - Fraser Island

Fraser Island vehicle barges and passenger ferry services run daily from River Heads, south of Hervey Bay to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island.

The Fraser Venture runs three services daily from River Heads (20 minutes south of Hervey Bay) to Wanggoolba Creek* and the Kingfisher Bay Ferry runs five services from River Heads to Kingfisher Bay Resort.  Limited parking is available on the roadside or at the ferry departure point. For guests staying at Kingfisher Bay Resort, you can book secure parking and the resort will shuttle you to the ferry departure point.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service permits are required for driving and camping on the island and we advise all visitors to check the QPWS Conditions report pre-arrival. Drivers should be aware of tide times and keep off the beach for two hours either side of high tide (NOTE: Hire car companies will have their own conditions).  Driving conditions vary with weather and tides. Speed limits are 35km per hour on inland roads and 80km per hour on the Seventy-Five Mile Beach. Normal road rules apply. Carry essential spares as well as a tow rope, spade, water and first aid kit.

Inland, stay on formed tracks. Most tracks are narrow and two-way so keep a look out for passing bays - you may have to reverse back to the nearest one. Please give way to tour buses (they don't fit in the lay aways) and to downhill traffic. Check our our Facebook page (under Events) or Twitter feed for all the latest news and pics.

*Note Barge Services to/from Wanggoolba Creek are subject to change during cases of extreme low tides.

QLD PARKS AND WILDLIFE UPDATE - For more information on four-wheel-driving on Fraser, permits, road conditions and closures in the Great Sandy National Park!

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